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Saturday, November 4

​Hockessin Book & Art Fair 


Through my novels, at author events where I talk about the books I write and the journey I’ve taken to write them, or at workshops for authors and aspiring authors where I teach about the craft of writing, my goal is to connect with readers and writers... mind-to-mind, spirit-to-spirit, and hopefully heart-to-heart. Click on my free Novel Life Newsletter to learn more.

First Lady of Political Thrillers

Meet author Barbara Norton and over 50 other authors and artist who will be exhibiting, reading from their work and selling from 11 am to 3 pm at the Hockessin PAL Center on Rt. 48 in Hockessin, Delaware. Barbara is scheduled to read the first few chapters of her novel at 1:20 pm on the PAL Center Adult Stage.  Be sure to stop by her booth where she will be signing this first in a series of Jillian Rain thrillers. The Fair is a great community event that gets better every year. Join us! 

Historical Fiction

​The Jewels e-book is available at . Preview or BUY NOW:

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A Novel

Take a sneak peak at Barbara's just-released political thriller ... ​BREAKING NEWS

Thrillers are often told from a male point of view. In ​BREAKING NEWS, ​the story of a fired major network anchor seeking to redeem her self-respect and her broadcast career, it's the ladies' turn. But don't stop reading if you're a man ---things do blow up now and then, because someone close to the president wants him dead!. Expect murder, mystery, betrayals, power-plays, page-turning excitement, and a little romance, along with a fascinating cast of White House and newsroom characters.

Disgraced TV News Anchor Jillian Rain takes a last-chance job as a White House correspondent with D.C.’s new 24-hour Breaking News Network, rekindling her on-again/off-again romance with News Director Maks Vladikov. Determined to prove she's still a great journalist, Jillian covers the story of the mysterious crash of the VP’s helicopter and of a dysfunctional commander-in-chief. When the president's and first lady's dreams of a Camelot-like legacy end in an instant, Jillian's list of suspects trying to bring down the president grows. The danger becomes personal when a man she used to love begins stalking her, Maks’ ex-wife suddenly reappears, and a Russian bad guy who Maks helped put in jail comes looking for revenge.

Want to read more?Preview the novel's first thousand words. 

BREAKING NEWS  is the first in a series of Jillian Rain political thrillers featuring a glimpse into the hectic world of television reporting and the high-stakes drama surrounding the people who live and work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the nation's capitol.  Click on Sample Chapters to read the first 1,000 words and go to News & Events for news about event dates and locations.!

Political Thriller

​Breaking News soft  cover available soon at  local independent book stores, (Buy Books on the Web), and 

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